IMG_4153Due to COVID, all appointments are currently via phone or SKYPE.

My name is Rae Patterson, and I am an Usui Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner and Certified Advanced ThetaHealer® of Blue Sky Healing, LLC. Both alternative healing modalities are based on the premise that achieving inner peace, harmony, and balance enhances lives by supporting mind, body and spirit.

Beyond providing alternative modalities, I provide confidential spiritual support, prayer, guided meditation, personalized affirmations and life coaching sessions based on your individualized needs. Each session is anchored in Christ and is unique to you. As one who honors spirituality in alignment with God in integrity and transparency, I assist you with gaining clarity which you might be needing and/or seeking in various areas of life. During these appointments I hold heart space for those seeking new paths, insight, peace, closure, direction and more. Many times, I become “the soft place to fall” while we work through obstacles, limiting beliefs, negativity or other emotional blocks preventing you from aligning to the life your soul desires.

For additional information call or text 512-694-0324.

I’m glad you’re here. Feel free to reach out if you’re guided to do so.

With love and light, Rae

“Within all beings there is the seed of perfection. However,
compassion is required in order to activate that seed which is
inherent in our hearts and minds….”
— Dalai Lama XIV

Disclaimer: Results may vary; all information contained in this website, and services provided, are designed to compliment, not replace medical and/or psychological treatment. Please consult your physician for medical advice, and ongoing medical treatments.

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I have had several issues going on at the same time and after trying to work them out the best I could I reached out to you. You made space for me and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I am able to breath with ease and will take what our session offered me to heart. You have given me the strength and courage to face whatever life hands me…but now I’m able to handle it with grace and love for myself and those I come in contact with. I ❤️ You

  2. Rae is a game changer. Rae came into my life by the grace of everything holy and nothing has been the same since due to her incredible intuitive gifts not only as a true healer and practitioner but also as a woman, mother, and friend. She is abundant with light and generosity and to simply be in her presence is an overwhelming gift and learning experience. She has helped bring about tremendous shift and transformation in my life by helping me unearth old wounds, past traumas, and blocked energy and has helped me to shift it. I am so grateful for her!

  3. Rae was recommended to me 5 years ago by my sister … she is amazing
    I’m mind blown of how great she is and such a healer and just by speaking to her you could feel the love and calmness
    I am so grateful with Rae she has helped me so much to navigate through my life and always trying to take the right step
    Rae is definitely light
    Thank you Rae ♥️

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