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IMG_0032Ready to take the leap? Purchase a session, and after purchase, you will receive a text or call to schedule your appointment.

All sessions include Divinely guided intuitive, energetic, and spiritual support to facilitate increased wisdom, perspective and expansion through a Higher awareness, with and through God. Additionally, as a Light channel for mediumship, and as a conduit for Divine messages from ascended masters and Holy Beings, sessions include assistance in aligning and manifesting goals/aspirations through prayer, intention and focused visualization. I look forward to working with you. Please contact me to schedule your personal phone or in-person session. Most of my sessions are via phone or FaceTime Audio for international appointments, but I do provide in-person sessions within the Austin area. HOWEVER, DUE TO TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND LONG DRIVE TIMES, TRAVEL OUTSIDE A TEN MILE RADIUS (20 MILES ROUNDTRIP) REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL TRAVEL FEE, BEGINNING AT $30.

As I make many bicoastal trips to accommodate clients, the New York and Los Angeles travel rates begin at $250 per hour. Please call for more information or to schedule a session at 512-694-0324. Additionally, please phone for OUT-OF-STATE Usui Reiki Attunement Rates for Level One or Level Two. Payment may be made via Cash, Check, Paypal or Venmo.

*First sessions–either by phone or in-person–are typically two hours. 

House Clearings are $150 per hour. The average house clearing/blessing time-range is approximately 90 minutes, depending on the square footage and land coverage.

Session Cancellation Policy:  Twenty-four hour notice is required. Without notice, cancellation fee is $50.



 Phone Session Rates: 

60-Minute Session – $125

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90-Minute  Session – $175
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 2 hour Session – $225

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In-Person 60-Minute OUT-OF-STATE Session – $250
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In-Person Two hour OUT-OF-STATE session- $350

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 (Local) Level One Usui Reiki Class – $300

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(Local) Level Two Usui Reiki Class – $400

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*I have created a payment sliding scale if necessary.

I can be reached at 512-694-0324, or emailed at

God Bless.

Confidentiality Notice: Information will not be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18. Content discussed, shared or disclosed during sessions is private and confidential.

Disclosures: Services received by Blue Sky Healing, LLC are not a substitute or replacement of medical/psychological/and/or grief treatment by a physician or psychologist for either adults or minors. Rae Patterson, of Blue Sky Healing, LLC is NOT a licensed therapist, licensed grief counselor, child psychologist, or medical provider. All information provided during consultation or session is based on opinion.

Parents must remain present when working with their child (under 18). Parents/legal guardians are responsible for making all medical, psychological and academic decisions for their child, and NOT Rae Patterson of Blue Sky Healing, LLC. Again, all information provided during consultation or session is based on opinion.

Disclaimer: Results may vary; all information contained in this website, and services provided, are designed to compliment, not replace medical/psychological/and/or grief treatment. Please consult your physician for medical advice, and ongoing medical treatments.

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