Spiritual growth and healing are nurtured through energy balancing, clearing energetic blockages, and releasing emotions that no longer serve one’s Highest and Greatest Good. By reconnecting with your divine essence–your soul–a happier, healthier you is possible. I’m always incredibly grateful for the kind words.

Wisdom and Support
“Rae is like a strong beacon, blazing a pathway into the darkness. She powerfully invites me to step-up from the murky depths where I find myself sometimes, to see with new eyes, and new perspectives. She holds such a powerful space and offers guidance and support that sinks deep into my core. She asks me to discover more of my strength, and face my challenges with new perspectives. She inspires confidence to go deeper, helping me shake loose the limiting beliefs of the past, to discover more of the beauty that is to come. She helps me find the strength that allows for the honoring of my wounds, to uncover new truths, to see with more clarity, and find the gold in the these experiences. She fearlessly walks me through new territory, transforming this space with the wisdom and light she brings.”
Christopher St. Germain, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Love and Light
Rae has become one of my dear friends, and our friendship has evolved into a beautiful family relationship. She has guided me with the purest of love and light. Sharing her gifts has been my most beautiful blessing. Her insights have not only opened my eyes, but my heart to life. Rae has confirmed many things I doubted, and has changed my perspective regarding many life changes. Her approach is one of the most delicate and mesmerizing of ways, teaching me that learning to stay kind and soft with everything that happens in life is a beautiful lesson to learn. Thank you for your guidance and the fantastic lesson, which is that we all have answers within, and it only takes prayer from the heart to awaken that insight. My gratitude is eternal.
Pablo G., Studio Manager, New York City

Ray of Light
“Rae has not only been a powerful healer in my life, but is a dear friend and mentor. It feels very natural and easy to work with her, as she is loving, funny, personable and embodies that girl next door personality. You will feel like you’ve known her forever! Rae’s gifts as a healer are vast, and she always finds the right formula to suit her clients’ individualized needs. I have referred dozens of friends and colleagues to experience her methods, and everyone always comes back with glowing things to say about their sessions. Rae is exactly what her names states…a ray of light in your life.”
Colleen McCann, Fashion Stylist and Shamanic Practitioner, LA & NY

Highest Calling
Rae is an angel on my team. Take charge of your life and rally all of the energy in the universe to support your highest calling. You’re working with your highest calling, right? Rae can help with that. My team has an angelic rockstar.
John McElhenney, Author, Blogger, National Spokesman for Parenting and Dating After Divorce, Musician

A Game Changer
Rae is a game changer. She came into my life by the grace of everything Holy and nothing has been the same since due to her incredible intuitive gifts, not only as a true healer and practitioner, but also as a woman, mother, and friend. She is abundant with light and generosity, and to simply be in her presence is an overwhelming gift and learning experience. She has helped bring about tremendous shifts and transformations in my life by helming me unearth old wounds, past traumas, and blocked energy, which has helped me to shift. I am so grateful to her!
Emily K., Photographer, LA

Reiki and Calming Energy
“After Reiki sessions with Rae Patterson, I experienced a deep sense of relaxation that I hadn’t felt in years. Daily stresses and aches and pains faded away as Rae utilized her unique combination of calming energy, intuition, and Reiki expertise to address and eliminate both physical and emotional stress. I have referred several clients to her for relief from both physical and emotional symptoms.”
Kelly Burnett, LCSW,  Austin, Texas

Lighter Steps, Deeper Breaths
“Rae Patterson is an angel that channels angels. I’m eternally grateful that she helped me through a major shock in my life that had me questioning everything I believed in. Her gifts of vision, wisdom, insight, and healing are amazing and powerful. They are without comparison. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for all the times she helped me through one unexpected transformation after another, even resetting my nervous system when stress and trauma led to chronic pain and deep grief. Thanks to Rae, I can breathe again without pain. My step is Lighter. My smile is brighter, and I feel empowered for the first time a long time. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do! Infinite blessings.”
Ashley Brothers, Shaman, Institute of Indigenous Alchemy

Opening Doors to Inner Peace
“I started researching Reiki practitioners in Austin, and Rae came highly recommended. I’ve only had one other previous experience with Reiki and didn’t know what to expect. Needless-to-say, it exceeded my expectations. The sessions helped open the doors to my spirituality and positive vibrations, and closed the doors on others that were negative and not serving my highest good. Afterwards, I felt light as a feather and continued to feel the effects of the session. I highly recommend Rae to anyone who is ready to let go of old patterns and low vibrations, and invite in new, positive energy. Through Reiki and ThetaHealing sessions, Rae has helped me and my family on our path to healing and inner peace.”
Steffany Thees, Austin, Texas

ThetaHealing and Removing Blocks
“Rae is an amazing healer and a wonderful person. She helped me unlock blocks and as a result I was able to move forward in my life to pursue my passion and to relocate to the place of my dreams. I’m in such gratitude to her for guiding me to a kind and loving God, and for helping me find my truth path in life. She helped save my life in so many, many ways.”
Margo C., Social Worker, Hawaii

Guidance and Divine Nudges
“Enough words cannot be said about Rae’s magnificence and healing abilities.  She came into my life a few years ago, and has continued to be a beautiful soul guide for me.  Anytime I have a question or query, I turn to Rae without fail and she gives me often unseen insights into the situation.

Many life transformations have occurred with Rae at my side.  She has warned me about business partners that were dishonest, told me about my book coming out and being a success (number one best seller on Amazon in business entrepreneurship) and even knew that a bicoastal life would be near (New York and California).

When I was looking for love–Rae told me it would be effortless, like two people meeting for coffee, and souls reuniting.  Wouldn’t you know that I met my husband a year ago in a coffee shop and we immediately knew.  One year later, and we are expecting our first baby (any day- hopefully today!!)

Rae has been an unbelievable beacon of light in my life.  My life is so beautiful with her in it.  How comforting to know you always have someone with your best interest at heart a phone call away.

Rae’s intuitive abilities are unmatched and her sincerity, integrity and ability to make you feel her love are second to none.

I wholeheartedly recommend her, and believe that your life will open up to such blessings if she becomes part of it.”

Natalie, Attorney at Law, Author, Speaker, Wife and Soon to be Mommy
(New York and California)

Peace and Guidance
“Maya Angelou said, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’. And that is exactly how I feel when I think of you. I am so grateful to have found you. Your last visit meant so much to me, and I am looking forward to our next session.”
Sabine Ward, San Antonio, Texas

A Path Through Grief
“I cannot recommend Rae enough for whatever your needs may be! Perspective-Clarity-Direction-Guidance–Missing a love one-Or maybe you want to clean out your spiritual closet? Rae Patterson has helped not just me, but many of my family in one way or another. I was in desperate need of letting go of old habits and tendencies so I could move forward in a healthier direction in my life. She helped me create a fresh start, forgive myself, and cut cords to things that no longer served me. She knew exactly what I needed–A double dose of Theta Healing, Perspective and Reiki. And that was just my first visit! She spent so much time sitting with me, getting to know my story, and where I am in my soul’s journey. We connected at a deep level as Rae is connected to the Universe in a very spiritual way.
My husband, Jude, passed away a little over a year ago and he is now one of my guides and guardian angels. Rae is so attuned with the spirit world that she could hear him clearly, as though he was sitting right beside us. Rae served as a beautiful bridge that brought my husband and I back together for a short while. It was magical, healing and exactly what I needed. It helped me (and still helps me) a great deal through my grieving process.
She’s been blessed with clarity, and uses it to help others in a limitless way. Rae is nothing short of a Saint in my book. I love Rae!With love and gratitude.”
Meg Grinpas, professional pet sitter and dog walker, Austin, Texas, owner of Peace, Love and Walks

Energy Balancing and Spiritual Counseling
“Rae takes holistic care to a whole new level! I had never tried Reiki  and was a bit apprehensive on what it was, and how it worked. But I can honestly say that the impact on my mind, body and soul is priceless. Rae has healing hands and a calming energy that have lowered by stress levels and removed emotional blocks that were causing internal and external imbalances. They would never have been brought to my attention without her intuitive gifts and her desire to make everyone she meets a more balanced and whole person.
In utilizing Rae for Reiki, I have also benefited from her other healing modalities, such as spiritual guidance and ThetaHealing. There really are no words to describe the level and depth of these skills other than that they are the real deal. She has even reconnected me with those that my heart needed to hear from…Rae is an amazing person with a warm soul that makes even the most pragmatic person believe in alternative and holistic healing in a way I never new was possible.  I am blessed to have her in my life, and have incorporated her healing hands and intuitive mind into my monthly routing to recharge and reconnect.”
Taryn Davis, Founder/Executive Director, American Widow Project

Reiki and Support
“Rae is a godsend, literally! Whether I need help talking about life, spirituality, or business, she is always supportive and informative. I always feel so much better after talking with her. I also LOVE Reiki. It has changed my life, and so has Rae. I feel like she’s a part of my family. I highly recommend working with her!”
Stacey Goodman, Auras All Around

Reiki and Thetahealing
“After my first Reiki session with Rae, I felt such a sense of peace. I had not felt that way in a very long time. Also, during a Thetahealing session she picked up on my insecurities as a mother–we worked through several discordant, unconscious beliefs I harbored. Thetahealing shifted me to a place of confidence in my nurturing abilities, and subsequently guided me to more appropriate beliefs that I am a great mother!”
Rona C., CPA, Austin, Texas

Spiritual Guidance and Healing the Heart
“Rae is one of the most remarkable people that I have ever met. She has a gift unlike any I’ve ever encountered. From the moment I met her, I felt like I had known her my whole life. She is the embodiment of love, filled with light, and is now like a sister to me. Her heart for people is an inspiration. I was unfamiliar with Reiki or Thetahealing prior to meeting Rae. It has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. God has used Rae to heal and open my heart, giving me a sense of closeness to Him that I had not felt before. He has used her to dissipate emotional blocks and facilitate an opening in my heart. The importance of this, I’ve discovered, is insurmountable. I cannot begin to describe the gratitude I have, for being privileged to have met her.”
Bethany Campbell, Realtor, Austin, Texas

Chaos into Calm
“Rae has, for lack of better words, changed me forever. I continue to grow in all aspects of my life with each and every session she gracefully and graciously performs on me. Her gifts reach far beyond that of a healer – she is mystically connected to powers above – and provides just the guidance needed to turn chaos into calm and questions into clarity. I feel blessed every day for being introduced to her and to be held in her beautiful light. She is an inspiration – to say the least – she should be experienced by all.”
Christina Carathanassis, Journalist, New York City

 Power of Prayer
    “Meeting Rae has greatly enriched my life.  I feel more whole. I am more connected with my faith (I am Christian) and spirituality. I am at peace with past and present issues, and I have healthier relationships because of her help and guidance.  One of the most impactful tools I have learned from Rae is prayer.  When I pray now, I can visualize, connect, and feel like my prayers are really being heard.  I feel like instead of praying to God, Jesus, and the Angels, I am praying with them.  It’s so powerful.

My experience with Rae is that she is pure love with a fantastic sense of humor and her goal is healing, love, and truth.  She has an amazing gift, and I am so thankful she pursued it to help others. She was able to pinpoint several very specific issues that I had been holding deep inside and through prayer, helped me release those buried negative emotions and give them to God, as He intends us to do. I am an advocate for counseling and I felt like one session with Rae was like releasing as much negativity and healing in one session than 10 session with traditional counseling. It can be overwhelming in a good way!  I am also not afraid to “speak my truth,” which to me means to stand up for myself.  I feel much more powerful when I use my voice and I feel more respected.

I have really learned and accepted that God doesn’t make mistakes, and that everything happens the way it should–always. I have learned to accept and appreciate life just as it is and make the best of everything and stop dwelling.  I’ve learned with trust in God I can overcome anything. Life is so much less stressful and more joyful since I have made the genuine and sincere shift in my heart. My trust in God is much more than it was before, and I am genuinely happy, light, and thankful all the time. I am so thankful for Rae for helping me learn how to love and trust this much.”
Loren Lawson, Austin, Texas

Lightworker and Guide
“Rae is one of the most profound guides I have worked with in my personal evolution. Together we have shared energetic experiences that truly defy words, heart and mind expanding downloads and transmissions illuminating what is possible if one serves from a place of love and pure intention. She works of the Highest as a clear and perfect channel for God. A profoundly sensitive empath and intuitive, Rae is a Lightworker in every sense of the word, supporting the awakening consciousness of humanity with an abundance of humility, compassion and grace. I am blessed for her presence in my life.”
Sarah Rigano, Shaman + Vibrational Designer, New York, NY

Master Healer
Rae is a Master Healer. As much as I wish I could put into words what an experience with her is like, the only way I can sum it up is to say that it is changing. I have referred friends to her that have never received Reiki before, and those who are healers themselves, and she has gifted them each with unique, heartfelt service and was able to meet them where they were on their path. We all agree that a session with Rae is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. She is an incredibly gifted woman; so free and generous with her knowledge, without an ounce of ego or judgement about where you are in your process. I found my work with her to be so revealing, that it moved me into wanting to become RE-certified through her as a Reiki practitioner myself. What Rae offers the world is a pure, loving, truly divine light, and I am so grateful to call her a trusted guide and mentor.”
Andi Scarbrough, CrownWorks, LA

Shifting Out of Stagnation
“Rae has enriched my journey, all the while helping me move stagnant energy, and open new doors from a place of gratitude. She has a gift and a light that puts one at ease, and offers an authentic experience to assist in your growth.”
Kori Jones, Jewelry Designer, Yoga Instructor, Kyle, Texas

Healing and Guidance
“Rae is such a blessing! I love her, and I’m so grateful she came into my life. Her warm, generous heart and spirit has helped me and my family immensely. Rae is truly gifted at what she does. I highly recommend her for healing and guidance.”
Tina Sons, Medical Sales Representative, Austin, Texas

Moving into the Light
“Rae is such a blessing to my life. Her light releases you from all that is dark. She is a healer in every sense of the word. Thank you Rae for helping me let go and move through the tough seasons to get to the happy healthy ones!”
Ginger Salinas, Austin, Texas

Live in the Moment
“Rae is a very special woman. I felt better from the moment she walked into my life. She helps me see the goodness in me. She heals me with her presence or with her thoughts when not with me. Rae has freed me from my past helping me to live more fully in the moment. I am grateful for her healing spirit and generosity. Thank you Rae for your healing friendship.”
Stephanie Souviney, California

Navigating Paths
“Each time I’ve met with Rae has been a wonderful and blessed experience for me. She is such a bright light and gifted healer who has helped me along my own path in so many ways.”
Katelyn Carlson, Healer, Austin, Texas

The Earth Angel That Changed My Life
A session with Rae is transformative and life changing! I have been working with Rae for some time and without her, I would not have come through a very difficult time in my life with such strength and hope. In the most positive way, it is almost impossible to describe Rae and her life altering work without feeling limited by words and titles. Rae is a gifted lightworker, intuitive, channel, soul and energy healer, and so much more. Working across both sides of the veil, her work is rooted in God and facilitated by her connection with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints and the Seraphim.

Guided from above, Rae invites you to examine your life and actively seek emotional and spiritual healing through the work. Throughout the session Rae is gentle, loving, personable, kind and comforting; this is not a passive process but one that actively engages every aspect of your being, for your best and highest good. When approaching work with Rae it is beneficial to have a belief in God and a strong faith, but to also have an open mind and be unencumbered by religious doctrine. To be guided by Rae and experience the personal energy shifts from her work is the closest thing I can imagine to a therapy session with an earth Angel. I invite anyone that is ready for a change through loving guidance to welcome the work of Rae into their life. I believe that like me, you will thank God every day for the blessing she is in on your life. Rae is a gift of light to this world!
Amy H., Television Production Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Gratitude in Words
Rae was recommended to me 5 years ago by my sister … she is amazing. I’m mind blown of how great she is and such a healer and just by speaking to her you could feel the love and calmness. I am so grateful with Rae she has helped me so much to navigate through my life and always trying to take the right step. Rae is definitely light. Thank you, Rae. ♥️
Franco, San Antonio, TX

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