Blue Sky Healing provides individualized sessions that are attuned to clients’ specific needs and healing. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals in strengthening their emotional and spiritual connections, while enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words–Rei, which means “God’s wisdom,” and Ki, which is “life force energy.”

* Emotional healing/releasing for inner peace
* Engendering increased self esteem
* Balancing energy pathways (chakras)
* Promoting physical and mental wellness
* Enhancing and supporting spiritual growth
* Increasing happiness, serenity and joy
* Adjunct therapy to medical treatments
* Encourages body’s natural ability to heal
* Can be performed on our animal friends
* Provides deep relaxation
* Acts as a supplement for pain management/relief
* Reduces anxiety, depression and grief symptoms

Reiki sessions can be performed in-person or remotely as a distant reiki session.

What to expect during an in-person session
Sessions typically last a 90-minutes and are conducted in a relaxing, comfortable setting to allow for the balancing of energy centers, clearing of emotional blockages, releasing of tensions and a centering of spirit.  Clients remain fully clothed and recline quietly while the practitioner lightly “lays the hands” or holds the hands above the client. The practitioner acts as a conduit for life force energy and channeled information for your Highest and Greatest Good.  Sessions begin with a clear heart intent, and end with a review of information received during the therapy session. Also, it is important to mention that you may experience a warmth or light tingling sensation or simply a deep relaxation as Reiki balances your energy fields.

          “The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me. I am a part or particle of God.”          Ralph Waldo Emerson

What to expect during a remote session
Because life force energy is universal, it can be directed to anyone, anywhere and at any time. However, it must be sent with permission or consent to remain in highest integrity. In my practice, there are two types of remote energy sessions. The first is a scheduled remote session via phone with guided energy work. This can entail chakra healing, resets, clearings with intuitive guidance. The second type of remote session I offer is completely remote with the same benefits of a phone session. The full remote energy healing is usually performed in the evening while the client is relaxing or sleeping. Post session, I forward any notes, observations and recommendations the following morning. In either scenario, clients are encouraged to be in a quiet location, where you can be still, relax and breathe mindfully for easier receptivity.

Who Benefits from Reiki?
Reiki can be performed on anyone, at any age–it is simply pure life force energy. Autistic children, cancer patients, and even those transitioning across the veil benefit from the calming, centering energy. Veterans suffering from PTSD have also been shown to benefit from Reiki as they recover from service and begin healing their souls.  And, don’t forget our beloved plants and pets. They, too, benefit from receiving life force energy. I was recently asked if animals, specifically, horses could receive Reiki energy, and the answer is, “Yes!” I’ve listed two inspiring links documenting horses and energy work below.  Enjoy.

Videos to checkout:
Wild About Animals – El Frio – YouTube
Reiki Healing – A race horse that had a bad hoof.

Interested in becoming an Usui Reiki Practitioner?
Just as everyone can benefit from the balancing effects of Reiki, anyone can learn this sacred and powerful healing modality. It can be applied daily to yourself, others, children, pets, plants, the environment, work/living space and more. The ability to give Reiki is transferred to students by an experienced Reiki Master during a class. Each level is grounded in the receiving of attunements given by the Master Practitioner/Teacher. An attunement or Initiation is the opening and awakening of energy channels within the body that enhance the ability to act as a conduit or “Clear and Perfect Channel” for Reiki life force energy.

Reiki Level I 
This class introduces the fundamental concepts, benefits and history of Usui Reiki. Level I offers the student the first attunement, as well as teaches/explains the symbols and hand positions for self-application and offering Reiki to others. One-on-One practical applications are performed in class to enhance skills and confidence. Additionally, I teach the Energy Centers (Chakras) and how to clear negativity and bring in Light, how to work with and charge Crystals with Reiki, Breath Work and Reiki, the I AM Mantra and the connection to Life Force Energy, and more. Included are energetic techniques to ground and create a sacred healing space, as well as how to work with Affirmations.  I also clear and balance all students before attunements, and, if necessary, remove limiting obstacles that might stymie Reiki energy flow.

Reiki Level II 
This class reviews and expounds upon the skill sets learned in Level I, and offers the powerful Distant or Absent attunement while introducing a new symbol. This attunement exponentially expands Reiki energy flow and provides the ability to perform/direct distance Reiki. Also I teach distance healing using the Reiki symbols, distance chakra clearing and balancing, how to create sacred space, utilize intentions, how to work with crystals (if desired), and how to connect to the Holy and Divine through prayer. As Reiki can potentially enhance intuitiveness, I explain and teach about the many ways our Guides, Angels, Saints, Elementals, and yes, God, communicate through Reiki flow. Moreover, I teach techniques that may potentially enhance your heart compassion while offering mental/emotional/ spiritual healing. As I’ve outlined a few key areas, I must say that each class is unique and energetically aligned to you with the heart-based intention to support your healing abilities.

A remote Reiki healing session will be practiced. Completion of Level I and Level II qualifies you as a certified Usui Reiki practitioner. A certificate of completion is provided at the close of class.

Reiki Levels 3/4–Reiki Master Teacher    

Reiki levels 3 & 4 are combined into one class, which typically lasts approximately four hours. Level three is the Reiki Master Training class; and level four is the Reiki Master Teacher Training. After class completion, the Reiki Master Teacher is able to attune others to Usui Reiki and teach all levels.

During this class, you will receive an attunement, learn three new Reiki Master symbols, as well as practice giving attunements. Finally we will close by discussing how to teach Reiki and how to create a potential practice, depending on individualized goals.

“Try Reiki. This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you.”
– Dr. Mehmet Oz

For additional information please call or text Rae Patterson at 512-694-0324.

*Sessions last approximately a 90-minutes, and can be conducted in person or remotely. Distance sessions are followed up by a phone call to discuss the experience.

Disclaimer: Results may vary; all information contained in this website, and services provided, are designed to compliment, not replace medical/psychological/and/or grief treatment. Please consult your physician for medical advice, and ongoing medical treatments.

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