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My mission is to provide support, guidance and inspiration that nurtures your spiritual growth and healing while offering clarity of life events you might be experiencing.

I am the mother of five incredible sons. I’ve been married for thirty-two years and look forward to many more. My educational background includes a bachelor of science in sociology and psychology from the University of Houston, and a special education teacher certification from A&M University. Additionally, I hold certifications as a Reiki Master/Practitioner and as a Thetahealer Practitioner, having completed and mastered Basic and Advanced DNA courses….Lastly, I am a breast cancer survivor, and an avid supporter of early detection mammograms. Mine saved my life.

For those interested in a more in-depth perspective of my background, please continue reading…


I imagine if you are perusing this site, you are searching for ways to make a positive change. Perhaps you are trying to shift out of grief, loss, anger or depression. Maybe you are simply seeking insight or direction. Perhaps, you are just searching for happiness….or trying to recall what that ever felt like.

But, you can, and you will.

I’m glad you’re here.

A little perspective…
Like you, I’ve had my share of life challenges. I’ve been on the same journey you’re undertaking. And I surmise you are tired of being tired, tired of being unhappy and tired of hurting. One common thread connecting all of mankind is pain. It’s a universal condition. But, so too, is unconditional love.

The human spirit is blessed with an inherent resiliency and tenacity designed to push us out of colorless stagnation. We only have to listen and trust our inner voice to hear what we need. The soul knows the truth. Our souls, our divine selves, are a rainbow of color, simply waiting for opportunities to radiate the love and compassion of God.

Somewhere along the way, however, we forget that simple truth. We forget our connection to the divine.

We get lost.

We get found.

We begin to rethink our choices. Question where we’ve been…where we are…and where we’re headed. Such is the path of illumination and perspective.

A bird’s eye view of where I’ve been…
I’ve been married thirty-two years, and I have five amazing sons. Yes, five sons! My oldest is twenty-four, and my youngest is sixteen. You can do the math. Five children in a little more than eight years. That was a busy decade. In between those years of growing babies, I buried my father, and cared for my mother who suffered a debilitating stroke at the young age of fifty-nine. When she came to live with us, my firstborn was almost three. My second had just turned one. I became adept at managing an infant and an active toddler while becoming my mother’s primary caregiver. Over the next two years, my mother continued to suffer strokes–each passing day brought continued cognitive and physical loss. But in the midst of her gradual demise, we learned to appreciate and savor the good moments–the happy moments–that left us laughing and feeling hopeful. She passed two years later at sixty-one.

Whispers in my ear…
In the years preceding our children, I had been drawn to returning to college for my teacher certification. I had already earned my bachelor of science in sociology and psychology, but the yearning to work with children hit me hard in my late twenties. The whispers in my ears grew louder, and I completed my special education teaching certification a year before our first son was born.

It’s interesting the way some life decisions resonate through time more than others, and in retrospect we see God’s hand guiding us toward our future with purpose. At the time I began pursuing certification, I didn’t know that one day down the line, I would have a special needs child–a forever son. I didn’t know my youngest son, Daniel, would be born healthy, but would fall ill to a random virus at the age of two and develop profoundly debilitating neurological issues.

But it happened.

And, we carried on as a family, slowly processing and accepting some life events just “are.” There is no one to blame, and no rhyme or reason why Life makes these sudden twists and turns. But I’m convinced it’s in these moments we decide who we want to be…who we are…and who we will be. I believe we choose to become more when our spirit demands it, insists that we rise above our broken hearts, fear and grief for a greater Good.

As I’ve learned, the wheel of life doesn’t stop turning, even if we think it should…and at the close of day we live with our choices–for better, or worse.

We can choose to persevere or contract–surrender or turn bitter.

No matter the choice, the sun rises, and so must we.

A solid truth…
Daniel. My youngest son’s name means “Gift from God,” and he is just that–and more. He is my greatest teacher. Every day he challenges me to look at the world through his eyes…and believe that miracles can, do, and will happen….that they already ARE happening. Daniel teaches me the true definition of perseverance–to try harder, to push forward when the world throws me the word, “can’t.”

As his mother and greatest supporter, I believe he holds a solid truth for everyone to hear. I believe teachers like Daniel have a divine purpose to inspire, teach compassion and empathy for others. After all, how would any of us know compassion without situations that necessitate it? For Daniel, I hold the faith–the clear and unwavering expectation–that he will continue to heal, grow and live a life full of love and wonder.

Daniel loves everyone. His heart is open to receive.

And that is Grace.

And so it goes…a fork in the road…destination unknown…
Out of the blue six years ago, I was diagnosed with triple negative (aggressive) breast cancer. It was discovered during a routine well-check mammogram, and when I received the unexpected “You have cancer” call, I found myself immobilized in a life-altering, freeze-frame second. I was stopped in my tracks, forced to veer either right or left…destination unknown. The road I’d been traveling upon was suddenly closed. I recall thinking with great clarity I’d just reached my ‘fork in the road.’

I couldn’t rationalize or explain the diagnosis to anyone, let alone myself. I fit into none of the risk categories. It was labeled random. Rare. Much the way Daniel’s body had reacted to the virus that had damaged his left frontal and left temporal lobe, and would eventually become sites for life-threatening seizures. In our small world, cancer quickly fell under the “just is” umbrella of unexplainable life events. At the time, the subsequent mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries seemed like added insult to injury.

During the wait for the biopsy margin results, I had an epiphany. It resonated within my heart, and was pivotal to healing. I realized that I wanted to live fearlessly. Bravely. Boldly. No matter the outcome. I wanted to free myself from self-doubts that had plagued me for most of my life. Continued worry and fear wouldn’t change the inevitable outcome, or buy me more time. If anything, I would simply be distracted from happiness in the time that remained, and to me, time was a precious commodity that couldn’t be wasted. Complacency was no longer an option.

As I recovered, I saw with an expanding perspective it was time to look inward and begin healing–on all levels. Somewhere along the way, I realized God was leading the way…as He leads all of us. I realized we are always okay; we are always loved; and, we are always surrounded by Grace, if we choose to see, and accept it. I also discovered happiness is a choice, and free will is a blessing.

Stepping into my power…
Each of us have our personal ‘fork in the road’ experiences. Hopefully we learn to navigate through obstacles in faith and perseverance. Sometimes, it takes practice. But every freeze-frame moment happens for a reason. It’s this pause effect that gives us time to reflect and decide where we go next. These are our greatest teaching moments. Each one is a nudge forward, an opportunity for growth…an opportunity to savor the “now” moment.

So, I give thanks for the past, the present and the future. I celebrate achievements and milestones inherent to my life, just as you do in yours. I give gratitude for everything that came my way. No regrets. No omissions. No editorial rewrites are allowed. Each challenge led me to this place in time…to this moment…and it is good.

As you journey onward, remember, nothing is wasted. Every challenge you face is an opportunity to evolve…to grow. Remember, too, that YOU are strong. You are resilient. And, you are not alone.

Blessings to you and yours.


*Rae Patterson is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, and an Ordained Minister.

Disclaimer: Results may vary; all information contained in this website, and services provided, are designed to compliment, not replace medical/psychological/and/or grief treatment. Please consult your physician for medical advice, and ongoing medical treatments.

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  1. I love you as a neighbor and as a friend and I’m so blessed to have you in my life! You are such an inspiration to me and others, I’m glad God has chosen you to help spread his gifts of love and healing!! Love you my friend.

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